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سفارش طراحی از سایت فریلنسر

Register a design order via Bitcoin and PayBal

If you are outside of Iran or for any reason, you want to pay for your order through Bitcoin or PayPal account,Contact  WhatsApp site support by touching this link.You can also contact the site support by sending a ticket after selecting the designer and the desired package


hire a designer

pol is an interface between the designer and the employer. The Freelancer pol website provides a secure platform for employer-designer contracts. pol is a design ordering system. Architect designers, graphic designers, costume designers, 3D designers, doll designers, photographers, face designers, etc. can all register their activities on the pol and if they are accepted, they can earn money.

Designers would have no worries about non-payment and employers would not have any worries about non-delivery of the project. The freelancer site of the pol is the guarantor of both parties. pol support always monitors the exact implementation of the project process

Pol users can click on this link to view the FAQ page. Registering a design order has many advantages. By choosing this platform, both the designer and the employer guarantee their project in every way

Membership in the Freelancer Pol site is possible for all creative designers. We suggest that designers apply for admission through this link as soon as possible

The value of the final project

Choosing a design expert with high capabilities and skills is the most important decision that will add value beyond your  imagination and expectations in the final product and project

The job market is full of talented professionals but it is not easy to find them. We have prepared all the talented designers with good resumes for you.

Designer registration

Our initial estimate is that only a small percentage of applicants will be eligible for membership. You will have the highest level of service and quality at the pol with whatever design expertise you have

Pol, designer-client interface

.Pol has attracted the most powerful and talented designers. You can log in to the designers profile and see their portfolio

.You are just a few clicks away from choosing your favorite designer

Start registering a design order on the Pol site

We are the interface between the designer and the employer. You are only a few clicks away from the top designers. Experience the best design order through the following links. In this section, you will find profiles of architects, painters, photographers, graphic designers and 3D model makers


( Sell your veteran paintings (coming soon

سفارش طراحی لباس از فریلنسری

(Clothing design (coming soon

فریلنسر و سفارش طراحی

Added value in design order

The designers are members of the Pol design ordering system, selected and the top designers in the country. Graphic designers, architects, photographers, painters, costume designers and other member artists create added value beyond the customer’s mind in the requested project by increasing the efficiency of the final product, increasing visual storytelling, recording the final product in thoughts

Choosing a design specialist with high capabilities, familiar with the latest software in the world, high specialized literacy, is the most important decision that will determine the value of your work. The job market is full of talented professionals. But finding them is still not easy. We have prepared talented designers with excellent resumes for you. You are just a few clicks away from the most expert designers on the bridge.  Pol site is the interface between designer and employer and has provided this secure platform for employers and designers.Hire a designer with confidence

Quick communication with pol experts

Pol experts are ready to provide free consultation for all users through the following links. If you have doubts about choosing your favorite designer or have any questions, start your conversation through these WhatsApp and Telegram links. You will find the best design ordering experience on the pol.

The main advantage of the Pol is to hire a designer

Pol site is a design specialist and has a special design department and working group. This site is also familiar with the rights of designers and one of its goals is to promote the value of designers in society. At the Pol, designers set the design tariffs themselves and it is fixed for all customers. Unfortunately, in the last few years, the tendering approach, such as design on some freelance sites, has caused problems and damage to the design community, which we hope will be able to do this reconstruction and differentiate the design.

Employers can place design orders in a secure environment without having worries about tariffs, as design tariffs are the same for all employers. Employers should refer to the profiles of designers and view their tariffs.

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