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Naming the pol

In certain Persian culture, a pol is what connects two separate parts.

Pol’s freelance site connects the employer to the designer and reinforces this interaction with the slogan, the interface between the designer and the employer.

In the logo of this platform, you can see the nature of the pol, where the employer and the designer press each other’s hands with strong confidence.The English equivalent of this word is bridge.

سفارش طراحی

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?Which group of freelancers can be a member of the pol

Pol is the first specialized platform for designers in Iran.

This business is only to support Iranian designers and designers can work in the fields of architecture, modeling, painting, graphics, photography, clothing design and all design subsets.

?Who is the employer on the pol

The employer can be a real or legal person.

Iranian employers in Pol can use the payment system of bank portals. International employers can use Bitcoin or PayBal payments.


همچنین مسیر پیشرفت برای طراحان ایرانی در عرصه بین الملل هموارتر خواهد شد .

?Is Po legal

The Pol site has a symbolic license and is under the supervision of the Mining Industry and Trade Organization of Iran.

You can see the license of e-namad Pol at the bottom of the site pages.

؟What is the fee of the site designers

The site fee of the designers is ten percent.


?How much does it cost to register on the site

Designers must register and submit portfolios before paying for the system membership fee. If approved by the five-member board, the designers will pay the specified amount as an annual membership fee from their own user area.

?When will the project contract amount be credited to the designer's account

The contract amount is taken from the employer at the beginning of the contract and remains with the pol until the end of the project.

After delivery and approval of the project and its official completion, it will be deposited in the designer’s account.

?What hours is pol support active

Support is enabled almost 24 hours a day via social networks.

Our partners are full-time responders to potential needs, advice and problems.

Meet Pol’s Freelance Designers


mohaddese rastgo


Ghazal mahmoudi


Nasrin akbarzadeh


Mahshid ghourchian


Ahlam khaledinezhad


Hamed hasanzadeh


Romina jabraeili


Hadi nobaran


Elahe rajabi


Bahare mohammadzadeh

20201019_165103 (1)-min

faezeh khalili


farnoosh naderiyan


Monir ramazani


Sara salmanzadeh


Amin habibpour


Fatemeh rezaeian


Zahra hoseini

الهام اسکندری

Elham eskandari


Neshat rasoulzadeh


Reza mohkam

نفیسه حسن زاده

Nafiseh hasanzadeh

محسن مریم نژاد

Mohsen maryamnezhad

حسین شباهنگ

Hosein shabahang


Mohammad bashareh

کوروش کلهر

Kourosh kalhor


Amir niazi

پریسا عباسی

Parisa abbasi

سامیه سالاری

Samie salari

هلیا غریب

Helya gharib

عضویت طراحان