Freelance Designer Guide

Who is the Freelance Designer?

Quite frankly, freelance designers are people who are not affiliated with the company or institution.
Receive and contract a variety of projects from employers for their skills.
This page is a guide for freelance designers to start their business in the world of freelance.
A freelance design contract is a type of contract in which a freelance designer carries out a project for a specific fee from the employer.
Freelance designers do not have a specific time and place to do the work and have more freedom and flexibility as well as higher income than other designers.
Before any cooperation with the pol, users should read the rules of the bridge through this link.

freelancer designers Freelance Designer Guide

Field of activity of freelance designers in the pol:
Architectural Engineering
Graphic Design
cloth design

Freelance Architects:

Architects who decide to work as a freelancer on the pol can do projects such as:
Interior Architecture
Landscape architecture
Facade design
Design of villa and construction projects from scratch
Performing modeling projects (in a separate modeling section)

freelancer designers Freelance Designer Guide
Designers should note that there is no need to worry if the original plans and drawings are not available to the client. The pol will invite meter engineers to that city or the nearest town to prepare initial plans. Designers are required to specify what documents they will deliver to the employer.

Freelance Painting:

The purpose of this branch of freelance art is to record individual states and individual faces in different states.
Portrait design, caricature and calligraphy have the most orders in this category.

freelancer designers Freelance Designer Guide
Designers must define their own design technique and style. Include black pencils, crayons, charcoal, oil paints, acrylics and even the type of fabric and paper and canvas to specify. Designers can offer different framing to the employer.

Freelance graphic design:
Graphic design has the most orders among the freelance design arts.
All visual arts and typography can be done for free.
Logo design, poster, book cover, office set, animation, business card and page layout and illustration are among the branches of freelance graphics.


Graphic designers must announce all the details delivered to the employers. Including number of basic concepts, original file, 3D logo, vector file, social networking kit and project delivery time

Freelance Photography:

Selling photos as well as recreating existing photos, these two items are the most in demand by freelance photographers.
Advertising photography is the photography of physical products, which is usually sent to the photographer’s studio if possible.
Recreating photography requires the photographer’s knowledge of digital software, which will include measures such as photo retouching and composition or color changes.
The freelancer can also work in person in a specific city of his choice.
pol has made this possible by sending tickets to employers.

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Freelance photographers must specify their equipment, type and type of camera in their profile so that the cafe owners are fully aware of the photographer’s equipment before any order.

They should also specify which photo editing software they are proficient in.

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